How is a ticket handled?

We define the sequence of stages a ticket progresses through before reaching closure as its lifecycle. Here's a breakdown of the ticket's lifecycle process in Raiseaticket Portal:

1. Ticket Creation: – Upon creation, a ticket is automatically designated as "Open," and a visual indicator in the form of an envelope icon highlights it as "New" in the ticket listing console.

2. Assigned to Agent: – The administration assigns the newly created ticket to an agent, who then takes ownership of it. This action locks the ticket to prevent other agents from making changes, though they can still view it. The assigned agent is responsible for transitioning the status to "In Progress."

3. Agent Replies to the Ticket: – When an agent responds to the ticket, often seeking additional information from the customer, the ticket's status shifts to "Awaiting Customer Response."

4. Customer Replies: – The customer replies, potentially necessitating further assistance from the agent. An envelope indicator labeled "Replied" appears on the ticket. If no further assistance is needed, the agent marks the status as "Resolved."

5. Ticket Closed: – Following successful resolution, the ticket is automatically marked as closed.

6. Reopened: – Should the need arise to modify the ticket after its initial closure, it can be reopened.

This constitutes the fundamental lifecycle of a ticket. Naturally, additional statuses can be incorporated as needed, such as "Awaiting 3rd Party Response" if external parties like suppliers are involved in the process.