How is a ticket handled?

We refer to the various stages that a ticket undergoes before closing as its lifecycle. The below outlines the lifecycle process of a ticket.

Ticket Creation - When a ticket is first created, it is automatically assigned a status of "Open" Also, an envelope icon is indicated on the ticket listing console to signify the ticket as "New".

Assigned to Agent - The admin assigns the new ticket to the agent or agent takes ownership of the ticket. When an agent is assigned, the ticket is locked to prevent other agents from editing. However, other agents can still view the ticket. The assigned agent should change the status to "In Progress".

Agent Replies to the Ticket – After an agent replies and requests further details from the customer, the status is changed to "Awaiting Customer Response" on the ticket.

Customer Replies – The customer replies and may require further assistance from the agent. A "Replied" envelope is displayed on the ticket. If the customer does not require further assistance, the agent sets the status to "resolved".

Ticket Closed – The ticket is automatically closed after resolving the ticket.

Reopened – If there is a requirement to update the ticket at some point after its initial closure, the ticket can be reopened.

The above is the basic lifecycle of a ticket. However, additional statuses may be added as required, such as "Awaiting 3rd Party Response" if a supplier or additional party is involved.