How do I associate operating or business hours with SLA Policies?

In Raiseaticket, SLA policies are associated with the operating/business hours to set the timeframe for responding to customer queries. By default, in Raiseaticket we have created a 4-hours response, 5 days per week, 8 hours a day, including holidays as the default SLA.

You can create one or multiple sets of operating hours in relation to your organization’s operational support hours. If you are going to build your SLA as 8 hours, it is important to create at least one Agent or a Group which is in operation during those 8 hours and respond to customer queries. You can create one or multiple variations of your operating hours which cover the organisations operational support hours, whether these are a few hours, or you have a 24x7 support. Tickets created outside operating hours will begin to be counted or timed on the next business day.

You can add multiple sets of operating hours by navigating to Settings / Operating Hours / Create Operating Hour.

It should be revised with SLA policies to update response time.

add operating hour
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