What are the business metrics available for the insights?

Data Visualizations of business metrics are effective to see how summarizations and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) change over time. Trends are spotted easily.

Resolved Tickets - The number of tickets moved to the resolved status which also included the later reopened tickets.

Unresolved Tickets - The number of tickets still in progress.

Resolved within SLA - The total number of tickets resolved within the client SLA hours.

Resolved outside SLA hours - The total number of tickets resolved after SLA hours passed.

Resolved without Response - The number of tickets resolved with zero replies by agents.

SLA breach - The number of tickets which are still unattended or unassigned to agents after the SLA hours.

First Response Time - The duration between the timestamp a ticket is created and the timestamp of the first agent's reply on that ticket.

Agent Replies per resolution (Outbound) - The total number of outbound replies done by the agent to resolve the ticket.

Customer replies per ticket (Inbound) - The total number of inbound messages sent by the customer on a ticket.

Ticket Views - The number of times the ticket has been viewed by the agent.

Time tracked - The amount of time the agent spends on a ticket. This is calculated by aggregating the total time spent in the detailed view of the ticket opened on an active browser tab, edit mode, replies and notes. If the ticket is opened on multiple tabs, only the active tab is added to the handling time.

Resolution Time - The time tracked between the ticket creation and the time of the final status change to closed. The above time also would include the time tracked in case if the ticket is reopened and then closed again. Resolving a customer issue as soon as possible is the biggest metric targeted, a faster resolution time make the customers happy.

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