How to setup an SLA Policy?

To set up an SLA Policy:

  • Select Settings from the top-right menu bar.
  • Select SLA policies from the General Settings.
  • Click create SLA Policy.
  • Enter SLA Policy Name and SLA Description, agents can see this description in ticket details.
  • In the Operational Hours select either operating hours or calendar hours. By default, calendar hours are 24/7 operational.
  • Set time targets for each priority for response and to resolve the tickets. You can also disable the resolution time on the tickets by unchecking the resolve within checkbox. Now the tickets will have only a response time SLA.
  • You can add further priorities according to your requirements.
  • Select your default priority of the web portal and email channel for incoming tickets.
  • In the Conditions, add the users Email/Domain to apply the SLA Policy.
  • Add reminders for the tickets when it approaches its response or resolution time.
  • Click Save Policy.
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