Why is data experience the new customer experience in the customer journey?

User or customer-centric frameworks work towards creating context awareness through data analytics solutions. Data experiences harness the power of data to provide actionable insight for a given context or problem for its user. Taking decisions based on existing data will solve plenty of business unknowns and start a proactive approach instead of reactive. 


The data solutions should be able to answer context-aware questions: 


  • What is the customer needs?


  • Who is the target audience?


  • What aspect impacts them?


  • What archive and current data sets are available to visualize the descriptive and predictive aspects of the trends? Analytics make businesses understand and identify what they are doing right and wrong.


Data analytics help SMEs to solve these complex issues and make enterprises confident in moving forward with the best analytical reports. Data is now competent enough to improve any business process, whether it is optimizing the communication in the customer support or quality of business offerings. Analytics play a vital role in decreasing or eliminating customer problems before they tend to happen. For instance, in a helpdesk, we can assess results based on agent engagement, activity and customer satisfaction.

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