What is a helpdesk ticketing system?

A helpdesk ticketing is an on-premise or cloud-based software to manage customer questions, requests or reported issues. The questions or requests are raised as tickets.  The helpdesk system is specifically designed for organizing and tracking all the fixes and replies made for a service request or for technical support. If a ticketing system is not in place, there is no way to ensure that the tickets are read and resolved by the right person or agent. It is also one of the primary ways your customers interact with your company. When an organization understands their users' categories and types, it can ensure the right support team is prepared to help the users. 

The default ticket status values available in raiseaticket are:

Open - A ticket that has been opened by an agent or client. The first response time is calculated from the timestamp when the ticket is created.

Closed - A ticket that is closed and on which no work is being done; normally after being acknowledged by the client for closure. The resolution time is calculated from the timestamp when the ticket is created until the timestamp when the ticket is closed.

Pending - The ticket is awaiting a response from another vendor, admin or developer, not the client or agent. The on-hold time is added to the client's wait time and not agent wait time. On-hold is set where there is no predictable estimate time for a reply.

In Progress - A ticket on which work is currently being done.

Resolved - A ticket on which work has been finalised and marked as solved by the agent.

Reopened - A ticket which has been reopened.

Customer experiences are managed better with Raiseaticket.