How knowledge base helps users and agents?

Knowledge base provides information regarding the company products and services, the customers can easily help themselves in finding out the solutions to their issues before requesting customer support. The agent can choose the most effective process and thus enables smart decision on the ticket. It also fills the training gap. Knowledge base feature of raiseaticket free helpdesk software consists of the inbuilt Articles and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Knowledge base can also act as a guide for the employees to help troubleshoot and solve their issues. It also improves business agility, content quality, and consistency across multiple channels.

Article and resources
Raiseaticket provides a good taxonomy, a key to any knowledge base—it ensures that the knowledge portal is organized, easy to navigate, and easy to search. It also ensures that good information (short or long) can be delivered to the support agent with minimal effort.
Customer experiences are managed better with Raiseaticket.